Nurture Cafe

Made With Love

Serving you Good Coffee, Herbal Teas, Smoothies,Juices and catering to individual wants and needs. Our food made with love and from scratch. Clean Eating, calorie controlled, carb free, carb loading, protein hits,organic, super food fuelled, vegetarian. Covering more than the basis to please the masses.


Our Loyalty Program

A loyalty program like no other for members of Cbj Health Club. If you are a member of Cbj Health your loyalty card gives you automatic 10% discount on anything we have to offer. Offering you points and a system that frees up your hand and pockets.

Our loyalty card both to members and outside customers has a very special feature.

If you are like some of us and like to keep things on a budget or never have cash on you or just want convenience, this system is for you:
TOP UP AND GO - load your loyalty card with a maximum of $100 and use it whenever you want on whatever you want in our cafe.

A pre paid system to budget your eating habits and your pockets.