Julie Holt Pilates

Julie Holt Pilates

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Pilates designed to extend your exercise lifetime.
Prepares your joints, muscles and mind.
Protects your physical vulnerabilities.
Performs and perfects your Pilates technique.

CBJ has exclusive access to the Julie Holt Pilates video program. In our 24 hour you will have access to her wide range of videos at anytime, along with our newly renovated Pilates studio!

Underpinning Julie's Pilates philosophy is applying safe movements to everyday life. It is about transferring Pilates skills beyond the studio to the gym, track, sporting field, work environment, in fact, all activities of daily life.
It will maximize your performance in training and improve your resistance to injury.

Julie Holt Pilates creates a safe but intense workout. The program brings together the familiar and rewarding elements of the gym with the stability exercises and fun of a Pilates routine. Designed by Julie Holt this approach provides a unique cardio and strength workout alternative for when your usual exercise routine is getting stale or even causing pain or discomfort.

The studio offers casual classes, 24 hour Pilates and Clinical Pilates. For more information on class types and pricing please contact our team or visit: Julie Holt Pilates

A Pilates trainer instructing a one on one class.
A Pilates class going through some exercises.